Saturday, January 16, 2010

tune-in tokyo

So, i'm a huge fan of a mattress on the floor; i'm also into the pretty window light, curtains, lamp, and bedside table in this shot.  but... huh... that's interesting. we have a special little drawing on the wall, don't we?...  huh.  i can't quite put my finger on what bothers me about it.  I like the palette, the scale, the haphazard taping of it on the wall.  But, it might just be a tad, um, ahem. nippley?  not exactly what i'd choose and it makes me want to cross my arms, put on a cashmere caftan and sit in a really really warm room,  - not necessarily in a good way.

I found all of these on Emma's blog, which is great, fyi.  all swedish, all the time.
This one (above) also has interesting-ish artwork, but I do LOVE LOVE LOVE those leather/black metal dining chairs, and the iconic mid-century black sculptural lamp.  

And yes, I am pro 'beaten up leather tufted sofa', and both brass 70's side tables are stealable.
Thanks, Emma. i like your blog, and your name...kinda like mine.

Ooh, check me out on one of my favorite blog, The City Sage, which tripled my readers, by the way.  Thanks, Anne, you're the biznom.  (the bomb)

gotta run, i have a Glenn Beck-Sara Palin interview to watch.  My saturday is about to get pretty entertaining.


  1. The pleasure is ALL mine, darling :)

    A couple things:
    1. Those metal/leather chairs? I'd KILL for those chairs. For real. They're 1960's a design by Charlotte Perriand (one of le corbusier's proteges) and they were originally made for a swiss ski retreat. one of my fave stores (eskandar in NYC) has them in the dressing room and they are unimaginably suave...

    2. You're shooting at Amy's house next week? Oh. My. Gawd. I have a plan: Step 1. You locate a really chic fanny pack. Step 2. I shrink myself down small enough to fit in aforementioned fanny pack. 3. You let me tag along in the pack while you work. I promise not to make a peep---I'll just breath the air and try to pick up some of the stylishness by osmosis. 4. If anyone looks at you strangely because you refuse to remove your fanny pack, just start ranting about 'artistic license' and we'll be golden!

  2. dear me, how did you know so much about the chairs? oh yeah, cause you probably have actual design training and education. i should get me some of that. those chairs are ridiculous.
    and yes, fanny pack, you in it, for sure. unfortunately we are literally clearing out all her furniture, bringing in painted flats/wallpaper and rugs. we aren't shooting anything that is awesome about the space, just using it as a location - for a Target job. but perhaps we can loot it?

  3. Pretty pictures = pretty blog. I'm happy to have discovered you via The City Sage!

  4. Love it! So happy to have seen you on The City Sage. Keep up the good work girlie!

  5. I'm head over heels for those black midcentury lamps -- if you know any sources...



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