Saturday, January 9, 2010

saturday, you are the best.

Oh my stars, i do love this palette.  moody, moody, soft, messy, pattern, texture.  And curs-ed be the rental flat that i'm in for i can have no wallpaper.  Although i did read on a blog a while ago that home depot has some 'temporary' wallpapers, good for rentals. But I do not trust thee, home depot, to design things prettily.   hmm, writin' like i'm english, or biblical, like Moses...if Moses blogged.  Moses would've totally blogged, bt-dubs. He's all about having 'top ten' lists and whatnot. and he would've had a LOT of readers, way more than my 24, although I do have 11 analytics told me (I call them disciples). how many followers you got, Moses, eh?  oh you don't know?  get a gmail account, moses. yea, get it.  I thought so.

but i love you, my 24, for it is thee whom i bloggest for, and will guide thee through the world of duvets and occasional tables.

Today i had to state what 'my style' is in one word for an interview; as if I would say 'chinese' or 'blue'.  I mean, I get it, it's a very normal question to ask. but it would be like asking a huge film buff what kind of movies they like. The answer is always 'uh, der, the best movies', because someone that loves movies so much, surely does not just love one specific genre, like, german comedies, or teen romance (ding, ding, ding! likey that one.)  I think i ended up saying something stupid like 'vintage modern eclectic, but loose, organic and effortless'.  Not really one word, or even a proper sentence, and not really accurate, because I really just like all things old and beautiful, or new and functional - just like i like my men, boom!
gotta, run. it's a weekend night and the club is-a-calling.
and by 'club', I mean the 'we-are-so-awesome-we-watch-ratatouille-on-saturday-nights.' club.
it's all ages.


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  2. Moses did love top ten lists. But was not a big fan of gold or statuary, but way into painting doors red. I have always suspected that the pentateuch was a major influence on your aesthetic. Maybe you could break it down for your readers: "are you an Isaac or an Ishmael?" "tip for the day: don't be a Jeroboam when it comes to lighting" etc. You know, just if you want to have a successful blog. The OT is the Herman Miller of ancient religious texts.

  3. You are one of the funniest design blogs I've ever read. It's not only your gorgeous pictures that I'm stuck on but your writing as well. You rock!

    BTW - I found you via something or 'nother and am working my way back through your posts.

    It's going to take a while, isn't it?

  4. I really dig your blog, and style, and um... wit. Cheers, thanks for the lovely inspiration, and the giggle.



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