Tuesday, January 5, 2010

some of mine...

This is a picture I took of our new house that Brian and I purchased this summer.  Kidding.  I styled this boutique hotel in Italy for their web-site, marketing, etc. last spring.   It was in the middle of no where off the Amalfi coast, and it was rad - but not ours.

Quick history:  it is 200 years old and belonged to Southern italy royalty. After WWII the family lost all their money except for this property, which is priceless, obviously.  So they started renting it out as long-term apartments to stay afloat.  Renters stole little by little almost every historic piece of furniture, artwork, etc.  They even broke heads off marble sculptures, and took family photos.  

What is left is a bunch of really rundown amazing architectural features and some wacky italian furniture mixed with ikea and tacky thrift stores junk that they refuse to get rid of.  (yes, there is an Ikea in Rome, America isn't the only country that does this...but hell, i'd have an Ikea in my backyard if they wanted. i love you, Ikea.)

It was the kind of shoot where I just wanted to take pictures of the light on the chipped up, patterned 19th century tiles, because there was so much light and the tile was so beautiful. The more we tried to make the villa look amazing, the more it looked like we were trying to make the villa look amazing.  And that does not a good picture make.  So we kept it simple...

This shot (above) was one of my favorites from the whole shoot.  The room was empty except the bed, but they asked me to dress it up a bit.  I found the weird trunk in the basement and the awesome tree right outside.  If I had my way it would've been empty except for the tree.  To have that architecture....

Some more are on my site, but nothing really does it justice.... It looks super advertizery, which isn't exactly my style. 

Photo credits:  Dave Sullivan, for KTV media

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