Monday, May 3, 2010

Hows abouts some monday morning romance for ya? eh? eh?

 By David Tsay, styled by me.  

I need to be transported here, now.  I can't handle a lot going on in the bedroom - ahem, er, i can - but I need the decor (did I just use the word, decor?)  to be pretty simple because: a. I sleepwalk from time to time, b. we are super messy with our clothes already so if I add anything unnecessary then it becomes a huge mess immediately, which leads me to,  c. I still have nightmares that when my bedroom is messy  the piles of clothes are monsters (I had this all the time as a kid, and it never really went away).  What kind of monsters, you ask? Generic, good old fashioned monsters like from monsters inc, methinks i have very little imagination.
But I love the romance of a canopy, its just sooo inviting and relaxing and dare I say romantic? i dare.

I decided a while ago that one of the sexiest things in the world is a mosquito net.  Sounds disgusting, I know, but I love it because it means that you are probably in a tropical, foreign country and once you get on the bed and wrap it perfectly around yourself (and your cuddle buddy) it feels like this little pretty sleep cocoon.  I know that they are also life-savers in Africa and I don't mean to diminish that at all, but aesthetically, they are beautiful and i've always loved them.  They symbolize vacation, tropical, foreign, no alarm clock, little pouches of sleep to me.  If you are sleeping under a  mosquito net you are probably not going to wake up and rush to a production meeting, answer your cell phone to a prop house saying a surface came back broken, reply to an email invoice from your credit card, or go to the gym to take another cardio class that makes you want to off yourself.  Nope.  You are probably just going to roll around for a while and listen to the noises outside, have some delicious foreign coffee, people watch for hours and eat some weird food you can't pronounce.  Beam me there right now.
via Maria Claire Maison


  1. I love the first one and the 3rd last one is to die for!



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