Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Love me some Oregon-lack-of-sales-tax.  It feels like i'm getting away with something. Whenever I pay for something I feel like I just pulled one over on the man. Makes me want to pick up the bill at the restaurant, buy everything I see, take advantage of the 12 days of gubernatorial freedom. (woah, surely not the right word, i have no business using it.)  Hey Unca Sam! you don't know me.  Take a hike.  Bark up someone else's tree.  
New purchases, to be shipped to LA via greyhound (weird, i know, but super cheap - $30).
Vintage Wegner knockoff folding chair (still vintage, people) $150 from The Good Mod
60's french wall art -  $50 - Hawthorne Vintage.  
Technically i am working, but when in rome...


  1. I lost it a little when I saw these...at those prices....wish sex was that good....

  2. those are some FINE purchases! That chair looks like it could be the rare trifecta- pretty, minimal, and comfortable.

    APG- you crack me up!

  3. I live in Portland, but with two small girls under 5 I don't have much time to browse stores. Where do you shop when in Portland? If you don't feel comfortable giving up your sources, I understand.



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