Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dan's weddin'

Looky looky what I found.  Dan Faires and his couldn't-be-lovlier betrothed (i told you i was gonna bring that word back) Dasha got hitched last weekend.  I couldn't make it due to an awesome bachelorette weekend in San Francisco for my besty, but man....I'm speechless, this looks so amazing.   All the men in overalls, all women in white and no shoes.  America, eat you your heart out.  They are high school sweethearts, planned the wedding in three months, it couldn't look less pretentious and more fun.  I'm just so happy for my friend, Dan.  So happy.

I know, i know.  She is ridiculously beautiful.  I do love a happy ending. I do.

PLEASE check out Dan's blog (click on the highlighted words) and website.    Buy his awesome furniture - handmade, all reclaimed wood (I think, Dan tell me if i'm getting anything wrong)  - a full Arkansas and Brooklyn style merger.

I remember once on the show we were all sitting in the van waiting for something and Dan, after a long producer induced silence, said in the most from-the-heart-way, 'Megan (one of the producers) can i please use the phone, I really, really miss my girlfriend and my mom'.    Needless to say we all melted and almost broke down, at that point it was like 2 weeks without a word to our loved ones.  They got engaged right after the show.

And don't forget to vote for him for fan vote.  Why not me?  Well, because viewers haven't seen much of me on the show recently - its all in the editing room, so i feel weird asking people to vote for me if i'm not knocking my own socks off.

Oh, and also because i'm not delusional, i'm at like 2 percent and Dan is over 40%.  If its not me, then I want it to be Dan - I mean look at how happy he is.  And he has a pet pig named Trudy.  I'm not kidding.  Trudy.

Traveling today, i'll get to questions when I get home.


  1. Don't get mad, but when I saw the overalls all I could hear were the banjos from Deliverance. Sucks 'cause these photos are awesome and I'm happy for Dan and the new Mrs. too.

  2. Oh what fun that must have been.

  3. Hi,
    I love the photos from the wedding and the way they're dressed !
    No, I don't think that we can see Design Star in Sweden. So I don't know what you're working with. Too bad ! But I'm curious :)

    Have a wonderful day


  4. Emily - I'd love it if the reason you're not pushing us to vote for you is because you don't need our votes for the online show because you know you've already WON Design Star!

  5. honey, you need a show... I wanna see this stuff on my television weekly!!!



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